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Simple Method To Add Buyers To Your Lists

Simple Method To Add Buyers To Your Lists

This is another real easy method to get more buyer subscribers on your lists without having to sell anything.

Google search “PRODUCT NAME Bonuses.” You will see multiple people offering bonuses to people who buy through their affiliate link.

I find that JVZoo has the bigger launches where people offer bonuses. I also search MunchEye.com for upcoming launches and you’ll find those who rank “PRODUCT NAME Bonuses” sites follow this closely as well.

You can add value and help these affiliates make more sales by contacting them and offering your bonus as well to the mix. They can then add it to their list of bonuses, make more money and you get coveted buyer subscribers.

Just create a simple opt-in page and send the affiliate your link to the opt-in page and a product cover image.

Easy, effective and grows your list! Take action on this! It works!

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