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So 3 Email Marketers Walk Into A Bar...

So 3 Email Marketers Walk Into A Bar…

Is this the start of a joke? Sort of. And it’s only funny because it’s true…

Let’s introduce these 3 email marketers and give them pen names:

BOB is an email marketer that promotes heavily, different product every day, and also runs a coaching program.

NICK is a student of Bob’s, who has successfully launched his own products and built a list. Doesn’t promote as frequently, but does EXTREMELY well when he chooses to promote products that suit his list. In the meantime, he shares content and personal insights in an ongoing effort to provide value.

ALLEN is another student of Bob’s who is again, a successful product creator. He segments his lists aggressively, sending appropriate content to the right subscribers. He’s got a review site in place and does extensive pre-selling whenever he promotes, while providing substantial value. Consistently hits leaderboards on new product launches that he participates in, even against competitors with lists MUCH bigger than his own.

WHAT NICK AND ALLEN DON’T KNOW: Currently, they’re each making WAY more with email marketing (in terms of affiliate commissions) than their mentor BOB.

But BOB’s all about dispensing advice. And seeing as Nick and Allen have ponied up some good cash to be part of this program, they consider it.

So when BOB suggests to his group of students that they promote more frequently, both NICK and ALLEN listen up. Seems BOB has stumbled upon something: the more often he mails, the better his open rates are.

This confuses NICK and ALLEN, but as devoted students they consider this advice.


NICK and ALLEN already have a solid email marketing strategy that is working for THEM. They’re providing value and not hammering their lists each and every day. And unbeknownst to them, they’re making more with email marketing than their mentor BOB.

That’s the joke. What’s the lesson?

Decide on your OWN email marketing strategy.

For some, it’s promoting a different product every day.

For others, it’s promoting one product with several emails over a course of a few days. With content and value tossed into the mix. Reviews, opinions, the whole nine. With fresh, quality emails that aren’t just copy and paste versions of the generic swipes found on jv pages.

Obviously, you can see what I prefer. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is what works best FOR YOU. And what gets you results!

If you’re a NICK or ALLEN, already seeing success, don’t let a BOB influence you to change an already successful strategy.

If you’re NOT yet seeing success with your email promotion strategy, then by all means look to change it up.

Just do it for the right reasons, okay? Yours, not BOB’s.

Can we help? Very likely. And for 1 buck, you’ll have a full 7 days to find out exactly what we can do for you!

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  • August 1, 2015 at 12:55 am

    Thanks Elijah, so glad you took something away from it. Appreciate your comment!


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