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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency - The IM Rebels

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

Social media is growing so fast that it’s become an ESSENTIAL part of any business marketing plan. This creates a HUGE opportunity for anyone that wants to earn great income from home – providing simple but valuable services to an unlimited range of clients.

Consider Facebook alone:

=> Over 3 million companies actively advertise on FB – a 50% increase between 2015 and 2016
=> 75% of brands promote their FB posts
=> 50 MILLION small businesses have FB pages … but only 6% of FB pages are promoted with
paid ads

Your Own Profitable Business, Just For Hanging Out On Social Media?

Being connected to social media can pay off in a very big way. With simply a FB account and this training, you too can have a high-paying social marketing agency you can run from home. With NO prior skills or experience, because everything’s covered in a step-by-step method from A-Z.  Learn exactly what you need to know, and get the templates, documents, lead magnets and products you’ll need to get your business off the ground.   CLICK HERE TO GET IT ALL FOR 50% OFF!

Why Listen To Us?

It’s important to know that your instructors “walk the talk”. Each of us actively consult for clients in terms of social marketing. Lead instructor Brian Gray has worked with dozens of international clients, including Hennessy, Vespa, Corona Extra, Hyundai, Moet & Chandon, UN, EU, World Vision, Krispy Kreme and Coke. In addition he consults directly with numerous local businesses and independent marketers.

Here’s what the CEO from a regional Vespa office had to say about Brian:

“Creative and dedicated to providing quality and engaging content that helped us reach our target customers online.”

But what matters is YOUR ability to absorb and benefit from these methods.

Feedback from current students on our training:

“Great course, teachers are all excellent, very knowledgeable of what they’re teaching. They go slowly and make sure you get every step of the process so you look good on your outcomes … in depth and eye-opening thus far. I would suggest this course to anyone, including family.”  – Eralda Chung-Colon

“These guys REALLY are very sincere about what they give you … their tutorials are always very clearly presented, easy to follow and their support way above the usual norm … I can and will recommend any course you want to buy from The IM Rebels group. These guys really know what they are doing and will support you all the way.” – James Van Heerden

Inside ‘How To Start A Successful Social Media Marketing Agency’ You’ll Discover:

=> EXACTLY how to set up your business: create a professional website from scratch (even if
you have zero experience); branding and effective lead generation strategies

=> How to assemble a skilled team, unique services to offer & how to full them, creating social

=> Getting clients AND keeping them, then scaling up with upsell and cross-sell services

Get started on the path to making your own social media agency today for just $15


What Makes This Course Unique?

We ONLY share what we’ve found successful in our own businesses. If we aren’t earning with it, we don’t teach it. Each method is tried, tested and proven. Social media marketing is truly an evergreen opportunity and the client pool is practically unlimited: EVERYONE needs help in this area.

You’ll get all the documents, templates and tools needed to run your successful business.

Winning strategies for attracting premium clients, handed to you on a silver platter.

Plus some “out of the box” services to offer that bring maximum value and have little to no competition.

Presented in an easy-to-follow, “do this then that” approach that you can follow at your own pace.

Lifetime updates are included – when we launch a new service or if there’s a social media platform change you need to know about, you’ll hear about it here first.

Complete support from a dedicated team of 3 instructors – any questions you have will be answered promptly and professionally.

30 day money back guarantee – we’re not satisfied unless you are!

Social media is exploding. NOW is the best time to leverage it for your personal gain. We’d love to show you just how easy it is.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you build YOUR successful social media marketing agency.

The IM RebelsBrian Gray, Shane Farrell and Mark Tandan

What are the requirements?

  • Facebook account is required
  • No social media marketing skills necessary

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create your own social media marketing agency from home
  • Assemble a team of skilled people to help grow and scale your business
  • Offer a wide range of social media and digital marketing services
  • Have the products and tools neccessary to find and close clients
  • Up-sell and sross-sell your clients on other related and value-added services
  • Create a website that advertises your services and gets leads

What is the target audience?

  • For anyone needing a solid business they can start and manage from home
  • For anyone needing strategies to improve their social media marketing services
  • For anyone needing more digital marketing services to offer clients


Here is a sneak peak into the course:

prospector pro


Brian Gray

I love digital marketing and everything that comes with it. Besides making money online, I'm also partner of a successful communications and digital marketing agency and my client list includes EU, UN, World Vision, Hennessy, Vespa, Corona Extra, Krispy Kreme, Canon, Total and Hyundai (just to name a few). I was in the education sector for over 13 years, and I loved it, but then transitioned into digital marketing and eCommerce (more freedom when you work online). I realized I didn't want to give up teaching, so I decided to teach online.

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