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Stop Quitting on Small Internet Marketing Milestones

Stop Quitting on Small Internet Marketing Milestones

There’s nothing worse than someone who begs to be taught how internet marketing works, has others show them the ropes, and then quits on the implementation of those ideas.

That’s why we will always support and WANT to work with action takers. Even in our own mastermind group, it’s no secret who the most successful marketers are in the group. They are taking consistent action each and every day and don’t get hung up on setbacks or lose track of their original reason for joining.

Many new marketers come into the business looking to make huge amounts of money at first and forget about or quit planning the small goals that are going to take them to the top. After a month or week or even a day, if they don’t have a full time income pouring in each day, they quit and jump to the next shiny object.

They want immediate gratification, but don’t want to waste time on the small stuff that sets them up for a better and more profitable success. When you’re concentrating on future endeavors, it’s easy to overlook the small ones that can set you up as a person who celebrates the small achievements.

Every goal realized is a good one to celebrate and pat yourself on the back for. Enjoy each and every moment of success that’s working to get you to the top. Celebrating small goals and milestones is a way to keep yourself motivated.

You don’t have to go overboard, but designating milestones that you believe are significant enough to celebrate is a good way to keep you working toward the next – and onward to ultimate success as a business owner. We’ve seen this all to often especially with product launching. Releasing the first product is the toughest and a monumental task on it’s own. But this is also the spot where most quit. Whether they didn’t get the results they wanted or they experience some success and get scared of it.

We celebrate those small milestones of each new product launch in our group but want new product creators to work towards the ultimate goal of 4-5 launches which seems to be a tipping point in which your list and email marketing can start to generate real daily income of $50 to $100 a day.

Don’t make the milestones too far apart – or too close together so they seem insignificant. If you wait too long to reach a goal, you may lose interest or momentum. Try to plan on reaching small goals at intervals no longer than two weeks apart.

Make your milestones known to others. Let others celebrate your achievements with you and they’ll relate to you in ways that will make them get to know you and want to see what you’re all about and to purchase what you have to offer.

One of the major milestones to plan for is your first full year in business. Not many reach that important goal – and it deserves celebrating in a big way. New marketers will be in awe that you saw it through and encouraged by your determination. A year really gives you time to get shiny object syndrome out of your system and enough focus working one method to lay a foundation and scale in a way that let’s you see daily success.

The vets will realize what you’ve given to get here to this monumental achievement and likely give you the kudos you deserve, especially if you’re making traction with your accomplishments.

Visualize the small milestones as bricks and one placed on top of the other will eventually lead you to the “building” encompassing all your hard work and meeting goals – even the small ones.

Eventually, you’ll be able to better plan the small and the large milestones and also have more knowledge of how to balance them. You’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you reach the finish line if you recognize them along the way.

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