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How to Stream Pre-Recorded Videos to Facebook Live for Free

How to Stream Pre-Recorded Videos to Facebook Live for Free

Live Streaming on Facebook and YouTube is all the rage right now, and many people out there have not used it  because they don’t like filming live.  When you’re live, if you say or do something embarrassing or make a mistake, there is no going back and editing it out.

There are a lot of different paid software and services that each claim to be the best way to stream pre-recorded videos to FB Live and some of them even go as far as to claim they were the only way to do it.

I bought one of these software, called LiveLeap and like a lot of software sold on JVzoo and W+, it was buggy as hell almost cost me several very big clients.  One of my clients is a popular Champagne brand, and they had a live event they wanted to stream to FB.  That night I was going over all the FB pages I’m admin of, and to my horror I saw Veuve Cliquot’s live event streaming on some of the other FB pages and groups I manage.  LiveLeap acted on its own, and decided to stream Veuve Cliquot’s live event to random pages.    So, the moral of that short story is, don’t buy software from JVzoo or W+ that requires access to your social media accounts, and defiantly don’t buy something that lets you stream pre-recorded videos live because I’m going to show you a free, reliable way to do it. (Watch it on YouTube)

I’m going to show you a easy, free way to live stream pre-recorded videos from your desktop.  You can use this to stream to Facebook, Youtube, DailyMotion, Akamail, Azubu, Beam, CDNvideo, FC2 LiveHitbox, LIVEhouse, Livestream, local streaming, ustream, Twitch, and a lot more (check the image below for the full list)

live stream pre recorded videos to facebook


To stream pre-recorded videos to FB Live or YouTube Live (or any of the other sites listed above), we’ll be using the free version of X-Split video broadcaster.

Go to the site, install it for free and then open the program and go to the “Sources” menu and select “Media File” and select your pre-recorded video you want to stream live.

xplit broadcaster

Then click on Outputs in the main menu and pick “Set up a new output”

When you set up your output, you’ll give X-Split permission to access your account.

If you are going to stream to Facebook,  the setup will look like this

xplit stream to facebook live

You’ll enter your username, and click the authorize button, then select who you would like to post as.  If you are admin on multiple pages, you’ll have the option of selecting the page you would like to have the FB Live stream.   Then you just add your title and description and click OK.

If you are going to stream to YouTube Live, your set up will look like this.xplist stream to youtube live

For the YouTube setup, its pretty much the same, but you have the option for adding tags.

If you have a few videos that you would like to stream back to back,  then load your first video using the “Sources” menu (as I explained above)  and then go to the bottom right hand corner and you’ll see “Scenes”.

stream multiple videos

Click on Scene 2 and then go to the sources menu and load the next video you want to stream.  If you have a third video, then click on Scene 3 and go to Sources menu again and add your third video.   Then, when you start your live stream, you start on Scene 1, and when that video is done playing, you click on Scene 2 and your second video will start playing, and so on.    If you want more than 4 scenes you’ll have to get the paid version of Xsplit.

Another very cool benefit of having the paid version of X-split is you can stream to multiple places simultaneously.  So, for example, I can stream to multiple FB pages, groups, and events, multiple YouTube channels, DailyMotion, and any other site I want…all at the same time.   If you are going to do a lot of different streams at the same time, you’re going to need a fast internet connection and a decent computer.

Always be sure to do a test run on a “test” Facebook page before you start using this method on your actual pages.   To set up a test facebook page you can just go to Facebook and create a new business page and use a fake business name to set it up.   Then you can use that page to test your live streaming before you do it on important pages.   (Better safe than sorry)

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