Three Email Marketing Templates That Get Results

Today I’m going to give you three email marketing templates that you can use over and over again to base your emails around. Once you get the hang of these 3, you will have no problem adding your own templates as you move forwards. Yesterday we reviewed How To Write Email Messages That Get Results and these are great to use with your own list to build engagement, authority and tighten your relationship with your list.

The “Questions & Answers” Email

Pretty self-explanatory, right? You go onto forums, social media, blogs and wherever your target audience hang out.

Look for questions people are asking. Find the best answer, put it into your own words – and send it to your email list. Nothing could be simpler.

Chances are that if others are struggling with a certain aspect of their marketing, and they post a question for clarification… you’re email subscribers will probably want an answer to it too.

You’ve just got a perfect topic to write about, with the added benefit of helping people with a common problem others are obviously struggling with.

What I really like about this template, is that you can make it into a regular thing. Pick one day a week to answer questions in your market – and post them as an email update.

So, Monday could be the day you just send out the questions and answers email to your list. It’s a powerful strategy for 2 reasons…

1) You’re not struggling to come up with an idea for a message. You’re now focused on “one” specific outcome, which is to go find a popular

2) You’re cementing your position as a marketer who has answers to common problems. You see how that works? If you’re the person answering the question, then you’re the problem solver in the eyes of your list. Brilliant!!

A cool way to approach this is to tell your subscribers that you’re answering questions from…well…your subscribers. Start off your email with…

Hi Shane,

As you know, I get a lot of questions from my trusty subscribers looking for clarification on problems they’re facing.

Today’s question comes from Mark, who asks…

…and then you just segue into the question – and then obviously answer it.

You can then tell your subscriber to participate by sending their own questions to you for answering.

It’s a great way to build trust and credibility – and at the same time… getting your email subscribers to contact you.

The “TV & Movie” Email

Okay, the title is pretty lame, but I’m sure you see what’s coming. Popular TV shows and movies that are hot right now are great talking points.

The reason why this email is a good one… is because people are already aware of what’s popular right now. So, in essence you’re entering into a topic that’s already fresh in their minds.

It doesn’t have to be something current either. Is there a movie that has inspired you in the past? If so, what in particular about that movie inspired you? There’s obviously a lesson in there you can share with your subscribers.

Look at it this way. If you saw an amazing movie, or read an inspiring book, would you share that knowledge with your friends?

You would, right? So why wouldn’t you share it with your email list? They’re your friends, aren’t they? At least that’s your end goal… to become friends. To treat them like friends. To communicate with them like they are your friends.

How can you take a popular movie, TV show and/or book and create an email out of it?

Let’s look at an example here…

Hi Shane,

You’ve seen The Wizard of Oz

One of the greatest movies of all time…

The big theme was that the main characters all thought that they didn’t have what it takes to get what they wanted in life…

The Scarecrow thought he needed a brain… The Tin Man thought he didn’t have a heart…

The Cowardly Lion was a scaredy-cat… Dorothy felt lost and wanted to go home…

And it turned out they all already had everything they needed…

But they were looking around outside of themselves, while they should have been looking inside…

You could easily segue that message into anything really. A motivational message. A product promotion… anything. It just takes a little creativity.

But the power in this is immense. You’re getting people to think about a movie that quite possibly they have fond memories of. This is important because it creates a strong emotional connection to information that may be somewhat boring and unemotional otherwise. Makes sense, right?

The “Personal Development” Email

This is a favorite of mine. In this business, maybe above any other business… motivation is something every single person needs from time to time. You can easily pick “one” day a week to only send out motivational emails.

Now, I’m not talking airy fairy “fluff filled” law of attraction type nonsense here. Proper advice that ties directly into the problems so many of us face on a day to day basis in the Internet marketing world.
Peeps love this stuff in moderation. So once a week is perfect. To give you an idea of something that’s so simple to do, but also different enough to help you build solid relationships…

I simply go over to YouTube. Find a 5 minute motivational video. Strip out the audio. Upload it to my hosting – and then share it with my list.

Think about this for one moment….

You find a killer video that inspires or motivates you. Rather than doing what any other person would do, which is to send a link to the video to their email list (rubbish) you actually went through the trouble of stripping the audio out and delivering it in a much better format that can be listened to on an MP3 player or in the car. Better than just sending a link to a video, right?

Now, imagine your subscriber puts that audio onto their MP3 player and they go for a walk. They dig the audio and it… well… inspires or motivates them, okay?

Do you think they will feel, even somewhat of a real connection with you after that? Maybe. But one things for sure, it can only have a positive impact on how they perceive you next time you send an email message.

So, my future email marketing genius. Those are just a few templates that you can work off. Nothing ground-breaking, but definitely makes it a little easier if you’re struggling with what to write to your email list, yes?

You sit down and create endless templates yourself – and start using them for your emails. A little creativity can make a huge difference, plus, working off templates helps streamline your message writing – and helps keep you focused and on topic. Very powerful in its simplicity.

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