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The Case AGAINST Buying...

The Case AGAINST Buying…

In the internet marketing niche, there are a few reasons why people buy stuff. Some are actually related to the reasons people buy items in good old brick and mortar stores. What kind of buyer are you?

#1 – Buying as an investment. This is a serious person that realizes the product on offer is a TOOL that will help them with their business. Usually does a lot of research and checks out testimonials. May not make a decision right away. Will just as soon leave a sales page WITHOUT buying if they find the sales copy too cheesy. Once this person purchases, they’ll actually USE the product and implement it into their business.

Not to be confused with the “serial buyer” that “thinks” every purchase is an investment. This type of buyer is very selective and knows what is needed to take his or her business to the next level.

#2 – Buying on impulse. Brick and mortar stores make a KILLING in profit margins with this type of buyer. All those pretty displays right in front of you while you’re lined up at the cash. Low cost, high margin products just begging you to pick them up. Same goes for digital products. Sub 10 dollar price points, super shiny with vague promises. Easy decision. Easy to hit “add to cart”. Rarely opened and used.

#3 – Buying for “infotainment”. A bigger buying group than you might imagine. Especially in the IM space. People surfing the web, get served a FB ad, see a shiny sales page with an attractive price point and BAM the decision is made. Lots of marketers make lots of money thanks to this crowd. While these products may actually get opened (hence the “infotainment” monicker), they are rarely used.

We would ENCOURAGE you to shift YOUR buying patterns more towards #1. We understand impulse buying. We understand infotainment buying. We’ve done it ourselves. Just recognize those purchases for what they are.

Fun and games. MAYBE some research or a couple of neat tips. But before you hit that buy button, realize once you do so, you’re committed. Many impulse or infotainment buyers think it’s okay to request a refund immediately after purchase. What they don’t know:

They’re often blacklisted by the vendor. Likely have their details shared with other vendors who will, in turn, blacklist them. Meaning? One day when there’s a product that they REALLY want, that will actually help them, they won’t be able to buy it.

Just sharing this so you know what actually happens in the world of product vendors. No one who busts their ass to knock out a quality product wants to issue a refund. It’s not about the money, whether it’s 5 bucks or 197. It’s the feeling of personal insult that someone isn’t satisfied. And that’s why the details of serial refunders get shared in this industry.

So, I can’t tell you NOT to buy on impulse or for infotainment. But I’d suggest you LIMIT those purchases. And instead, only entertain offers that serve as a LEGITIMATE investment for you moving forward.

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Here at The IM Rebels, our goal is only to release products that are true investments and tools to help people move forward. We don’t believe in blind sales copy. What you see is what you get. And we actually WANT you to open up and use the products!

Be a #1 buyer. Invest in your business. Invest in yourself. Use the product. And if it doesn’t work as advertised (after you’ve implemented), contact the vendor personally for support. You’ll be amazed by how supportive most product creators are.

Legitimate vendors actually WANT their customers to succeed. And will bend over backwards to help. I’ve personally spent HUNDREDS of hours on skype with buyers of my products, just answering questions and providing support.

Buy to invest? You’ll get nothing but world class support.

Buy on impulse or just for fun? That’s on you. Enjoy it for what it is. Just don’t get yourself blacklisted. It’s a lonely place to be.

For a great read on shiny object syndrome, check out this recent post from Shane.


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