The Narcissist’s Guide To Profitable Partnerships

Are you a narcissist? Chances are, if you’re an online marketer, you at least have some tendencies. And overall, that’s a very good thing! A healthy ego can take you a LONG way in this industry.

BUT, and this is a big but, your narcissism could be costing you a lot…

Let’s back up. I’m a narcissist. Not a raving fully-fledged one, but I have a very healthy sense of how great I think I am. To the point where I don’t much care what others think.

Has this gotten me into trouble? For damn sure. Have said the wrong things, at the wrong time, to the wrong people. But as a self-proclaimed narcissist, I also believe the following to be true:

=> If you’re not in trouble, you’re not having fun!

As a side note, my favourite email marketers are HIGHLY narcissistic. Some would say they have an inflated sense of self worth, I just think they’re extremely confident people. But I digress…

Most narcissists prefer to work alone. Because in their minds, no one can come close to matching their quality of work.

Do you regularly feel that no one can perform a certain task as well as you? Be honest. I feel that way ALL THE TIME. That, my friend, is a tell-tale sign of narcissistic tendencies. Like I said, this isn’t always a bad thing, but…

Can being a narcissist cost you money and sanity in the IM business?

Absolutely! The sincere belief that you’re the only one for the job SEVERELY LIMITS how much you can accomplish. And following from that, how much you can earn.

Personal example. I’ve been providing internet marketing services for months. Until VERY recently, always did it completely on my own. Working with a select few clients, I have been fortunate enough to carve a nice little niche out for myself and make a tidy monthly income without that much effort.

But obviously certain clients wanted things from me that I couldn’t do myself. So I would simply refer them to an expert in that particular area.

After enough referrals, a light bulb went off and I thought: why not PARTNER UP with someone who has skills that complement my own? Someone who can do things I can’t, so as a TEAM we can provide more value. So we can BOTH give more, attract more clients, and ultimately earn more money.

For a narcissist like me, taking on a partner was NOT an easy thing to do. But it is SO worth it. Here’s some simple advice for any perfectionist, narcissist, lone-wolf types in the crowd who would actually like to profit MORE through partnership:

=> Admit to yourself you can’t do everything
=> Realize that being part of a successful partnership will usually put more money in your pocket
=> Be in no rush to find a partner
=> Look for someone of a similar nature who’s out there doing it on their own, successfully, already
=> Check their references
=> Make friends with them first, to see if you can even stand their company (and vice versa)
=> Open the door to a potential joint venture and gauge their reaction
=> Rinse and repeat until you find someone you believe you CAN work with
=> Jump in with both feet!

In just this past month I’ve formed such a partnership. With a fantastic copywriter with incredible skills in areas that complement my own. And in very short order, we’ve landed new clients and more people are contacting us every day.

This I could not have done on my own. What are some other benefits?

=> Doing online stuff from home isn’t ever boring any more
=> You always have someone to bounce ideas off of
=> You get an OBJECTIVE second set of eyes on any work you create
=> You now have a PARTNER who is just as interested in growing as you are, so you’re basically doubling your prospecting efforts without doing anymore work yourself
=> You have someone to cover for you if you just feel like taking a break

That last point is HUGE. Taking a night off, or just a break for a few hours when you’re not feeling as productive, pays huge dividends. You do better work. Get better results. And save a lot of sanity.

Pretty good trade, overall. If you’re willing to loosen up your narcissistic ways just a little bit. Because each of us Rebels are narcissists to a degree, but we’ve figured out a way to team up…

Don’t worry. You know you’re the greatest, right? We know it too!

Are you a perfectionist, lone-wolf, or narcissist with some great tips to share? Comment below or visit our FB page and let us know!

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