The Online Profit Formula

When it comes to making profit online, 95% of people focus on traffic.

What are the top 5% of earners focusing on?

Conversions. Because traffic is EASY. There, I said it. You can either pay for it or work for it, but either way, traffic is easy.

Sales and PROFITS come when traffic converts into sales. Consider the following simple little formula:

SALES are a function of TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS.

Increase traffic, you increase sales.

Increase CONVERSIONS, you increase sales.

What do YOU think is the easier and cheaper method to increase sales?

If you chose conversions, you’re 100% correct!

Boosting conversions doesn’t have to cost a penny. Whereas driving more traffic always requires an increased investment in either dollars or time.

Throw in the fact that higher conversions are ALWAYS seen more favourably in the marketplace, putting your energy into conversions makes sheer economic sense.

Simple Strategies For Boosting YOUR Conversion Rate By Tomorrow:

#1 – Make Sure Your Headline Or Subject Line is Compelling as Sh@t

#2 – Focus on BENEFITS over features when describing a product

#3 – Get OBJECTIVE eyes on your sales copy or emails BEFORE you ever unleash them on the public

Sure there’s some tedious stuff like split testing and all the rest, which we will get to down the road, but for now…

Focus on the above 3 points and start watching your conversions soar.

Lastly? Develop a thick skin.

When you ask for feedback, prepare to be told your initial efforts suck. This isn’t an insult. It’s a way of making your stuff better and will give you the chance to put more bucks in your pocket.

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