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The ONLY 5 Headlines You'll Need To Boost Conversions - The IM Rebels

The ONLY 5 Headlines You’ll Need To Boost Conversions

Get MORE Of Your Content Seen By MORE People

Boost Conversions With Winning Headlines

In a world where people are hammered with hundreds of emails per day and more web content than they can possibly digest … how do you boost YOUR conversions?

You’ve got to grab attention INSTANTLY and only have a few words to do it.

Those words? Your headline or email subject line.
That’s why I write 5 of ‘em. Yup. For EVERY marketing email, blog post or sales page heading.

But Tandan, surely you can’t USE 5 headlines each time?

Correct. But not 100% right, either…

By coming up with 5 headlines, I can assemble an optimized headline by pulling the best elements from each into one sure-fire attention grabber.

The kind of headline (or email subject line) that stands out from the crowd and gives me a far better than average chance of having my content looked at.

The sad truth is that most people absolutely suck at writing headlines. And they know it. It becomes the hardest part of content creation for most marketers.

In fact, a lot of great content, articles and emails are never published simply because the creator gave up when trying to come up with a headline.

It doesn’t have to be this way – not for you, anyway.

The benefits of the “5 headline plan”:

=> You can ‘pick and choose’ from the headlines you come up with to select a winner
=> You get WAY better at writing headlines because you’re composing 5 times as many
=> Your content gets a much better chance of being seen and actioned

I started this practice a year ago and haven’t looked back. And 5? That’s my minimum. If I’m writing sales copy, I’ll often DOUBLE that number.

And it’s really pretty easy.

Most people suck at writing headlines because they don’t practice. Imagine how good you get at something when you practice it 5 times more often than anything else.

You get DAMNED good. Like over the top good. And get your stuff read and your content acted on like never before.

If you’re REALLY stuck on just getting started with headlines, no problems. Check out this post from Brian where he shares 2 completely free tools that will have you up and running in no time.

And my secret ninja headline writing weapon NO ONE talks about? Online thesaurus. Completely free. Plug in a word, hit ‘go’, and find alternatives and options that can spice up your headlines and subject lines like you never thought possible.

The only trick is you’ve got to commit. 5 headlines as your minimum standard for any piece of content you write.

Try this for 30 days. You’ll AMAZE yourself at the quality you start pumping out within that time. And likely see a massive increase in engagement in your content and emails.

Practice doesn’t make perfect.
Perfect practice makes perfect.

>> Here’s another great free source to help you with headlines

In this case, perfect practice is 5 headlines for every post, article or piece of content for 30 days. Go on, get perfect!

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