Think You Have What it Takes?

95% of people that try to start an online career fail…95%!!!

That means if 100 internet marketers meet up in a building, only 5 of them are going to see success. I don’t know what you think about that statistic, but in my opinion that is WAY TOO HIGH of a fail rate…

…which leads to the question “Why?”

Why are so many people failing?

It can’t be the lack of information. There is a lot of great information out there on how to get your internet business started.  Sure, there’s a lot of terrible information as well, but I am sure you guys are smart enough at this point to know the difference between good and bad information.

So if it’s not the lack of information that is causing 95% of people to fail, what is it?

This is a question that has been bothering me for quite some time now, and after thinking about it for a while, I think I finally have the answer.

In my opinion, there are 5 things that separate the 5% from the other 95%. Let’s go over all 5 below:

1) The 5% Have A Vision

Having a vision is HUGE!  When you ask most people, they will tell you they do have a vision, but the truth is they don’t.  A vision can’t just be “I want to be rich”.  I guess you can say a vision is the same thing as goal setting, but I like the term “vision” better than “goal”, don’t ask me why…I am just weird like that ;).

When you have  detailed vision, you have have a purpose.  All this hard work you are doing is for SOMETHING! I remember when I first got started online, I had to vision that I wanted to make six figures per year, but to be honest that wasn’t enough to motivate me to work hard.

I had to take the time to figure out why I wanted to make six figures per year in order to get the motivation to work hard even when I didn’t feel like working.

What kind of car do you want to drive?  Are you looking to purchase a new home? Maybe even your first home?  Are you wanting to quite your job and travel?  You need to come up with a list of reasons you want to make a certain amount of money online.

Please take the time to actually write these down.  I keep a small notebook in my pocket at all times. Whenever I am not motivated to work and just want to have a “lazy day”, I pull out that notebook and read through my visions. This gives me all the motivation I need to get off my lazy booty and start working again.

Another thing I like to do is to create both big and small visions. For example, let’s say you wanted to get a new TV, I would consider that a small vision…something like getting a new car would be considered a big vision. Each time you accomplish a new vision, cross it out but don’t erase it.

This gives you a visual representation that all that hard work you are doing is paying off and you will know that eventually you will have everything crossed off that list as long as you continue to work hard.

2) The 5% Make Working a Habit

I don’t really see anyone talking about this, but there is a lot of power in habits.  Heck, there was even a book written on this topic called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. You really do need to make your online work a habit.

You can’t just choose to work all day one day and then take the next week off.  The most successful IMers schedule out there day and make it a habit to work at certain times of the day.  For me personally, I am in the habit of waking up, making breakfast, then getting straight to work.  After working for about 4 hours I will eat, go to the gym to get a workout in, then come back and work for another 2-4 hours.

I am not saying you have to follow that schedule, but I find that I get my best work done first thing in the morning then again later at night. For some reason I can’t bring myself to focus up enough during the day to get quality work done.

I know some people who can’t work in the morning at all.  One of my good buddies Lee Murray (I am sure plenty of you know him), seems to get his best work done after midnight! My business partner Shane Farrell on the other hand is a workhorse who seems to be able to work all day!

All this to say that you need to find work times that work best for YOU and stick to them. If you find you get your best work done in the mornings, make it a habit to wake up and get your work done.  If you get your best work done at night, make it a habit to works at least four hours every night.

Now I know some of you don’t have the ability to choose your work times because of your day job…if that’s the case you need to just make it a habit to do SOMETHING for your online business every day until you reach the point where you can quite your day job.  If you are consistent with working every day, I can promise you that day you get to quit your day job will come sooner or later!

3) The Top 5% Don’t View Failure as Failure 

It seems like people always ask me how many times I “failed” online before I saw success.  My answer to them is always “I never failed online. I successfully found a lot of things that don’t work and kept at it until I found the few things that do work”.  As funny as that sounds, it’s true.

I have tried soooo many different methods to make money on the internet, and the ones that didn’t work for me ARE NOT failures, they are successes because I can add them to the list of things that don’t work and move on.

Failure has such a negative “vibe” to it that causes people to give up.  So many people put their all into one method, only to find out it didn’t work and this defeats them enough to give up.  Instead of giving up, what that person should do is simply add that to a list of things that don’t work and move on.  It’s not a failure because now you know it doesn’t work and you are one step closer to finding the thing that will work for you.

So as our good friend Bobby McFerrin would say, each time you fail at something, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” ;)

4) The Top 5% Believe

Let me ask you a question…if you KNEW all this work you are putting in right now would will 100% work, how much harder would you work?  I was getting interviewed the other day and one of the questions I was asked was “If I can give one piece of advice to others, what would it be”.  My answer was “I would encourage everyone to believe in themselves and know that as long as they put in the work they will see success”.

The thing is, if you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t believe you are going to be successful, you won’t be successful.  Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you need to change your mindset.  Take a look at all the other successful marketers online, they became successful because they believed in themselves. Isn’t it your turn to see success?

5) The Top 5% Don’t Make Excuses

We all have excuses.  All of us are busy, all of us have trouble finding time, all of us want to sleep in or go to bed early, all of us would rather go out than stay in and finish the work we need to get done.  Excuses are all around us and all of us have them, but the top 5% will let go of those excuses and figure out how to get the work done.

Whether it means you have to wake up an hour earlier, go to bed an hour later, or stay in while everyone else you know is going out, you need to do what you need to do to get your work done. If you continue to let excuses get in the way you will continue to fail.  The moment you take responsibility for your success, you will suddenly start to experience success…funny how that works out!


Now that we are approaching the end of this post, I wanted to ask you a question…did you notice one thing all five of these had in common?  The one thing they have in common is that they are ALL UP TO YOU.  You are in control of everything. Nobody else can determine your success except for you. Yes, this might mean you might need to change your mindset, and it does mean you will need to make some sacrifices, but if you make those sacrifices today, you will be able to live a life of freedom that others can’t live by this time next year.

Maintaining a positive attitude sure helps the top 5% as well, so for some insights on that check out this post from Mark.

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