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Three Internet Marketing Traffic Sources

Three Internet Marketing Traffic Sources

There are reports that come out every day with new internet marketing traffic sources. Let me fill you in on a insider secret, “There are no secret traffic sources!” If I had a secret traffic source, I sure as heck wouldn’t share it, would you?

Let’s quickly look at three of my favorite internet marketing traffic sources:

1) Internet Marketing Forums

I know the visitors are super targeted and I can get in the minds and questions of my audience. PERFECT. Many an IMer has made a full time living from forum traffic alone and if you aren’t using them yet, why?!

2) JV Partnerships/ Affiliates

Creating partnerships, more like friendships, with other marketers in my niche is important to my business. If you sell products, it can be tough to sell enough to make it worthwhile, without using affiliates who will email their list, promoting your product. While I am transitioning to using paid traffic for future products, maintaining and building new JV relationships, is a daily part of my routine.

3) Facebook

You can use other social media platforms I hear for internet marketing traffic but I haven’t used them that extensively. One thing I know is, FB traffic is hot in the IM niches. Just building a page or group that accompanies your website can drive traffic, sales and commissions pretty quickly, requires no special skills or money and is a great place to stay in front of your audience.

I look forward to going into a lot more detail into internet marketing traffic sources in upcoming posts!

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