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Top 6 Reasons To Use Paid Advertising (Why I love Paid Traffic)

Top 6 Reasons To Use Paid Traffic (Why I LOVE Paid Traffic)

Everyday I come across people and businesses that could be making a lot more money if only they used paid traffic with a good paid traffic strategy.   I fell in love with paid traffic over 3.5 years ago and am still very much in love to this day.

Here are 6 reasons (of many) why I love paid traffic:

Why do you Love Paid Traffic?

  1. Quickly Grow Your Brand Awareness

If you have a product or service and you want to let your target audience know what you’ve got to offer, paid online ads are the best and fastest way to reach people.  Now it’s true this doesn’t work for EVERY business, but it works for most.   Some multimillionaire dollar companies have relied completely on social media and paid.  All of my clients have increased their paid ad spending because they see how much more effective paid ad strategies are than traditional forms of marketing.  Plus, with the paid ads, I can show them exactly how many people saw their ad, how many people took action, how many people converted, and audience insights into the people taking action on the ads.

  1. It Is Really Fast

You can have an online paid ad campaign submitted in an hour and running within 24 hours even if you’ve never set up a paid ad before in your life.  After you submit an ad, its approved quickly and the traffic will start flowing right away.  Actually your ad won’t start running right away, it has to go through a review process first.  The longest Facebook has ever taken to review and approve an ad has been 2 days.  The longest Adwords has taken to approve a post is 3.5 days but usually both approve (or disprove) ads in 24 hours after you submit it.

You can try to get traffic to your website or offer using free methods, but lets face it, free methods can take up a lot of time to get going and you have to create a lot of content and do a lot of forum posts, and time is money….so in essence there really is no such thing as FREE traffic.

Sure, we spend some time on free traffic and get good results from it.  Want to learn how we get our free traffic?  Click that pic and get started –>free website traffic training4


  1. Laser Targeted Ads and Retargeting

One of the most attractive things about paid ads is the ability to put your ad in front of the people who matter the most.  Even if I want to target a super specific niche, no problem!  You can target everything from age, sex, location, income, education level, specific interests, visitors to specific websites, email lists, sexual preference, relationship status…you name it, it can be targeted!

The money is in the pixel!  Meaning you can create audiences from people who have either visited your website or landing page, or clicked on one of your ads, or watched one of you YouTube videos, clicked a link , visited a page, or didn’t check and buy the items in their cart (abandoned cart ads).

Retargeting is powerful because it makes sure the people who see your ad are already aware of who you are and are more likely to take action (if you’ve provided value in the past).

Creating the right targeting audiences for the right ads can be tricky though. If you want to learn more about setting up laser targeted ads and retargeting for the best conversions, then check out our take a complete course on it.  And because I’m a nice guy (except on the tennis court), you can grab a 50% off coupon here.  If you’re not ready to take the plunge into a huge course, then you can watch the ultra-super-condensed version of the training in the video below (it’s still 38 min long so grab a bowl of chips or broccoli and take a load off).https://youtu.be/JHrM25QOmNk

  1. Data and Optimizing for Higher Conversions

Another great thing about paid ads is you can see data about your ads (and ad viewers) for exactly which ads are making conversions, and then scale up on those ads.

You can also put heatmaps and visitor recordings on your landing pages so you can track what is most interesting to viewers and what they are spending their time on and clicking on.  You can set up free heatmaps and recordings with hotjar .

There are a lot of ways to optimize, but the best way is to split test a bunch of different ads and audiences and scale up and keep testing.  The more variable you test and the better you keep track of your data, the more successful your ads will be.   I never said creating a profitable ad  campaign was easy, but if you take the time to learn, it’s well worth it!


  1. You Can Make Money From It

And I’m not talking about making money from running your own ads to your own offers, I’m talking about running ad campaigns for others as a service.  The more ads you run and the more experienced you get at fitting the right ads to the right audiences, the better you will get.  As with anything the more you do it, the better you get.

When you get good enough, you can offer your services to others who know the power of paid ads, but have no idea where to start.  Lets face it, there is a LOT to learn when it comes to knowing how to use a content campaign along with a paid ad campaign and people waste a ton of money because they don’t the first step to a good strategy. After you’ve run some PPC campaigns for yourself, then you’ve already got your portfolio started and you can start looking for people who need this service.   If you haven’t run successful paid ads for yourself, then don’t go offering PPC services to others.   If you think offering services online as a freelancer is something you’re interested in, then check out our freelancing course and learn how we do.    And because I really like you, I’m going to let you know you can get a 50% discount by going to this page.

If you’re thinking paid ads will cost you an arm and a leg, then you’re wrong…it’ll cost you two arms and a leg!  Just kidding.  You can get started with paid ads for $5 a day!  It’s better to start at a min of $10 a day to get the numbers you need for testing, but you can still see results and test wit $5 a day (the less you spend, the longer it takes to test and optimize ads).  In our Retargeting and Remarketing course, we teach how to set up a solid $10 a day paid ads strategy.

I could list more than 5 reasons why I love paid online traffic and why almost any business  can benefit from it, but I think you get the idea  Paid traffic is the lifeblood of a lot of companies for a good reason!  What reason is that?






Top 6 Reasons To Use Paid Traffic

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