[Traffic Tip] The “Best” Traffic Tactic?

If you want the very best, most targeted traffic you can find, then follow this “rule of thumb”.

There are 3 primary types of traffic that produce internet marketing’s largest pool of traffic.

I’m talking about traffic that you…

1. Buy

This includes PPC from places like Google or Facebook, banner ads, email solo ads and other “Pay Per” traffic.

2. Borrow

This comes from Joint Venture partners and Affiliates, ad swaps, etc

3. Create

This is generated from your own content,  using your own subscriber list, article  marketing, blogging, etc

So which is the “best”?

The answer can be different depending on  one’s goal/purpose/needs/budget.

However, based on personal experience,  the type of traffic that you Borrow is without doubt the most powerful and profitable.

Why? Because you’re attracting extremely  targeted, “endorsed” traffic. Plus it’s generated at zero cost to you.

It’s “leveraged” traffic, meaning you are leveraging other people’s assets time and effort.

Okay, so last time, I told you that the best type of traffic is the kind you Borrow..

…which means leveraging other people’s assets, specifically affiliates and joint venture partners.

So let’s talk about that.

Here are a couple of ways to take advantage of this method.

Option #1:

Create a small digital report in PDF form.

Make it about 12-30 pages on an in-demand topic  that has lots of “buzz” in the marketplace  right now.

Price it low… $5 to $9.

Set up an affiliate “program” for it quickly by going to WarriorPlus.com.

WarriorPllus makes it super quick and easy to setup  an affiliate program and uses PayPal to process transactions for you.

Choose a commission level to pay affiliates.

The popular model right now is to give 100% to affiliates.

Why would you do this?

Because you’re leveraging the assets of others who already control the traffic. No work on your part.

Why would you give everything away?

Because it attracts more affiliates to promote your offer and they get paid right away. This is very attractive to them.

To make up for that, add a special “upsell offer”  in your sales funnel. Average of 30% of front end buyers will take you up on
that, plus, you now have a proven buyer in your database that will likely purchase from you again in the future. That alone is worth giving away the commissions up front.

I prefer to give 100% commissions on the front-end offer and then 50% commissions on the upsells. This will allow you to make some money for your time upfront and keep affiliates happy to promote.

With that said, I’m assuming that you’re capturing your customer leads. WarriorPlus makes that possible by integrating with most any auto-responder such as Aweber and GetResponse.

Don’t worry…

Creating a small report is simple. Just solve ONE problem and offer one solution. Even if you aren’t an expert yet, which I am assuming you aren’t, no problem. Search forums related to your niche. You will see multiple people asking the same questions over and over again.

This question will become the base for your report. Research the answer again on the same forums and other places until you have a concise report of 20ish pages that helps solve the buyers problem and provides a solution.

free traffic methods

Let’s continue to discuss “borrowed” traffic- the “best” type of traffic.

You now know how to leverage affiliates to send you all the traffic you want by creating a sales funnel that attracts “buyers”.

Leads that have proven to pull out their credit cards are the best kind of traffic 😉

Now, I’m going to share with you Option #2…

“Integration Marketing”

Here’s how it works:

This falls more into the “joint venture” category and relies on mutual “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” approach.

Each party needs something of value that the other can benefit from.

This can either benefit each party’s customers or subscribers or it can mutually benefit each other profitably, or both.


For example…

I have a product. I know someone else who has a product (but doesn’t directly compete with mine).

I approach this person and propose to put an Ad for his product on my customer (product access) page.

I explain that this will send targeted “buyer” traffic to them and that I’ll be happy to put the Ad there at zero cost.

All I ask in exchange, is that he does the same for me.

The type of Ad agreed on is totally up for discussion.

For example, the Ad can be for a “for sale” product or one that leads to a landing (email capture) page.

This “integration” method can also be applied as “ad swaps” or “buyers bonus spots.”

In other words, “hey, I’ll send out an Ad (email promotion, etc) to my customers if you do the same for me”.

These promotional ads are typically sent without an affiliate link by both parties.

Whichever option you choose will produce extremely targeted traffic and you won’t have to spend a single dime.

Cool, huh?

It’s a win-win for all parties involved and it  works like crazy.

Typically one of the first two traffic tactics need to be applied before you can start “creating” your own traffic.

Even when you can create your own traffic, you can leverage that to build a bigger list and scale up very quickly.

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