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Using the Warrior Forum For Traffic & Sales

Using the Warrior Forum For Traffic & Sales

There are two types of people that use the Warrior Forum. Those that are searching for the ‘next big thing’ that will magically make them thousands of dollars over night and those that use the site for TRAFFIC and SALES. If you are part of the first camp, STOP and use these methods to pull daily traffic from the site.

There are multiple ways to really use the forum to your advantage besides getting your questions answered. Right away let’s skip the WSO section. Everyone knows by now that you can post an offer and get some sales immediately.

It’s not a favorite place of ours since the sale as organic sales have really dropped and the massive increase of trolls but each of us still do have products listed there and bump them back to the top of page 1 from time to time so I won’t spend more time knocking it.

Let’s jump into a few underutilized areas of the site you can take advantage of today. You are going to need to join the War Room which allows access to extra features such as a signature link and blog. You also get access to the War Room section of the site which I do frequent and browse to see what angle people are coming up with on methods I use.

War Room membership is now $97 a year. Used to be a lifetime fee but I believe it is still well worth the price IF you are going to be taking action. Like anything really!

1. Forum Signature

We have talked about this before. In fact while writing this post I am also working on some forum posts. Just last night in fact after we finished our new funnel, I switched out my forum signature and received an opt-in and then OTO sale just from the forum. Here is the new signature link that I set up:



I don’t always post daily, but when I do, I’ll cut out a block of work time and get as many done as possible in 30 minutes. Sometimes I can get 5 posts, sometimes 10 posts. It really depends on the threads and whether or not I can add value to the thread. Just don’t “post to post” and not add value. The better the post, the more traffic you’ll get.

Also take a look at right under my name in my profile. Instead of having the default “Warrior Member.” I edited it to our blog URL. While it’s not clickable, you will get some passive traffic from it by people typing the URL.

Here are the past posts we did on Forum Posting that go into some more detail, including how to find forums and a list of IM forums that allow signature links.

a) Free Website Traffic Generation         bThe Most Underutilized Traffic Source

2. Blog Section

Next is the Warrior Forum blog section. Highly underutilized and without doing any promotion, the views really add up. Best part is you can add a call to action in your post and siphon off traffic. In my case, I use the same signature link as above and then direct traffic right to our squeeze page.

This post was made not 3 weeks ago and already over 270 views and growing daily. This is the ‘work once, traffic for life’ type of method I love! This post isn’t unique either. I had already used it on our blog here and simply copied and pasted. True “Copy and Paste Traffic!”



3. The War Room

The War Room used to be a place where people posted older WSOs and offered them for free in exchange for opt-in. Now you can’t make the person opt-in to receive your freebie but you can still ‘entice’ them on your download page.

For example, if you are giving a report away on ‘5 free traffic sources’, then offer an opt-in link also on the DL page for ‘5 more traffic sources’ or similar niche report or training. I rarely see people do this and makes me shake my head in wonder. I get that they are freebie seekers but at least make the effort to get them on your list and let your funnel and AR series convert them into buyers.

4. Classified Section

In the classified section you’ll find a little bit of everything. Think of it as a kind of flea market for the WF. Everything from solo ad sellers, free product giveaways, bonus links and weird ass stuff in-between.

You can take the same free report that you are giving away in the War Room section and here give it away with opt-in and then add an OTO on the backend to make some money. No rule against this and super simple to do especially if you are going to post in the War Room.

Another method I have seen used very well is selling PLR products here that you have the rights to. Bundle them up with multiple products and you’ll get to $50 a day fairly quick especially if you use forum signature links to drive the traffic to your classified offer.

Once method that I see also is offering “bonuses” if someone buys through your affiliate link. You are allowed to promote your affiliate link in this section. Take elements from the sales page and offer your own twist and experience with the product and then provide a bonus that adds value and you’ll make commissions.

We wrote two previous posts about using bonuses to increase conversions. Use these as a guide to add a bonus to your affiliate link in the classified section.

a) Boosting Your Bottom Line With Bonuses      b)  How To Increase Your Conversions 200%

They aren’t lying when they say people have built a full time business using just the Warrior Forum. People also spend their yearly salary using the Warrior Forum buying products, services and coaching while not taking action. Which camp are you going to be in?

Have more methods to get traffic and profit from the WF? Would love to hear them below in the comments!

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