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Voodoo Retargeting Profits For Beginners - The IM Rebels

Voodoo Retargeting Profits For Beginners

You’ve seen it happen and if you’re like me, the first few times you saw retargeting in action you thought it was some kind of voodoo.

You visited a website or page, didn’t click on ANYTHING. Then on the next site you visited you saw an ad somewhere pointing STRAIGHT BACK to the site you were just on. Black magic, hocus pocus and all the rest…

That’s called “retargeting” and blue chip companies around the world are devoting huge portions of their ad budgets to it. Why?

Stems from a very important marketing fact: most prospects need exposure to an offer MULTIPLE times before they make a decision.

Sometimes 7 or 8 times before they say “yay or nay”. But the point is simple: retargeting works. If the big dawgs are doing it, there’s money to be made.

The good news? It’s not a big dawg trick.

ANYONE can retarget, even a self-confessed technophobe like me.

Facebook will walk you through the entire process of setting up a retargeting pixel. It’s a short piece of code that you can insert on any website you own. Then, when people visit that site, they get added to a custom audience.

Meaning … they become YOURS! To serve up targeted ads to whenever you feel like.

Sure, it works for the “big dawgs”. Does it work for everyday marketers?

We recently ran an experiment.

Offered a so-called “big dawg” a free bonus for his list. No strings, no opt-ins required to gain access to our free software.

All we did was drop a “pixel” on the download page. Results were staggering.

Built a massive custom audience in a matter of days. Many of the people we subsequently served ads to signed up for our free offer and are now subscribers.

We built a brand new, fresh list, for pennies per subscriber. PENNIES. And these are targeted, proven buyers.

I don’t understand the science. You don’t need to. FB will walk you through it.

Pixel for list building? Yup, this dark magic works. And you can do it too.

Here’s an overview from our resident traffic expert

Brian practices the dark arts and performs them for international clients including Hennessey and Krispy Kreme. He knows his stuff.

Want a more step-by-step approach to the dark side of retargeting profits?

We’ve got you covered with a complete video course that throws back the curtain on how to drive sustainable buyer traffic every single day.

>> Check It Out Here!

Fortune 500 and blue chip companies use this stuff to build their profits. You can too.

Go ahead… be tempted by the dark side.


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  • January 30, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Taking people to the dark side Mark! Love it!


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