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What A Bunch Of Jokers...

What A Bunch Of Jokers…

The IM Rebels are a diverse group. Lots of talents, varying strengths. And we try to play to those. This just could be the exception…

But first, let’s look at the players.

Brian Gray has a story and a half. Travelling the world his whole life and becoming a social media and traffic expert along the way. His practical advice and tips help businesses in every market.

Lee Murray is a creative genius and incredibly talented writer and copywriter. His products seem to sell themselves based on his reputation for outstanding quality alone.

Shane Farrell is an intelligent, hard working dude that is known for helping others as much as he is for the quality of his products. Got a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor which I definitely appreciate.

Bryan Harkins is a list builder extraordinaire and quite possibly the nicest guy online. With multiple income streams this guy crushes it both online and off.

I (Mark Tandan) round out this group of jokers and am known for copywriting, product creation and the art of affiliate promotion.

The funny part of this equation is as a group The Rebels selected me, the oldest member of the team, to be responsible for sharing our content through social media.

Now, I grew up in the age of vinyl and 8 tracks. I think I owned the 1st ever CD player. The internet wasn’t even a thing until I was out of high school. I mean seriously fellas?

Tweet this, Google Plus that, share the other thing. You wanna put me in charge of that?

Oh well, guess I’ll just have to see if an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

End of the day, social media traffic actually IS a thing, it turns out. Want more solid traffic tips? Check out this post on increasing traffic to your website from one of my “younger” colleagues…

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