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What is Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation?

“Automation” or automated has become the IM sales copy buzz word as of late, but exactly what is marketing automation?

Simply, its uses hands off processes that help sell more and communicate better with your customer. It can be as simple as automatically redirecting your customers to an upsell offer after they purchase the front end to sophisticated email management software that changes the email being sent based on past subscriber behavior.

Today, most of us sell our products using a platform such as W+/JVZoo which automates the transaction, payment, affiliates, delivery, auto-responder integration and more for us. Anyone else remember the day with that all had to be coded manually?

Even the simple act of someone entering their email into your squeeze page and being added to your auto-responder and getting an email a day all done with automation.

Marketing automation has become the buzz of today for good reason, it allows you to scale faster that ever before when you apply multiple funnels, ARs, subscriber behavior and email list automation to create a business larger than ever.

Upcoming I will be sharing simple to more advanced marketing automation systems that you can use to your advantage in your IM business.

Looking forward to sharing these with you!

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