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Who Are YOU Following? "Who's Who" Of Internet Marketing

Who Are YOU Following? The “Who’s Who” Of IM…

Whether you’re brand new at internet marketer or a seasoned vet, it always makes sense to follow successful marketers. While we all advocate coaching at some point, you can usually pick up some great information for no cost whatsoever.

Many top internet marketers have blogs and email lists you can subscribe to just for opting in for  a free product. Some will require you to purchase a front end product but the learning outcome makes the $10 (or less) required to “get on the list” more than worth it.

Pro tip: in many cases it IS worth picking up a paid product from some of these marketers, even an entry level one. The content from these people is always highly impressive, and being put on their buyer’s list will allow you to learn from some very savvy email marketing methods.

What can you learn just by following ethical, successful marketers? Plenty! Gain insights into different email marketing techniques. See how successful product reviewers build trust with their audience and convert like gangbusters. Watch first hand how product creators launch with success. And learn all sorts of traffic tips from those that are out there doing it, day after day.

As to the list of marketers I follow, I’ve broken it down into the following categories:

General IM / Blogging
Email Marketers
Product Creators
Product Reviewers

There will be some overlap – for instance in many cases certain product creators will also excel at email marketing. But for the purposes of this list, I’ve simply placed each name into one category.

And now, on to the list of marketers I follow and learn from on a regular basis:

General IM / Blogging


Ryan Deiss / Digital Marketer – talk about over delivering on content! Not just buckets of information, but current and relevant info that you can actually use in your business right away. Of course Ryan promotes his own training from time to time, but never at the expense of sharing some amazing information for no cost whatsoever.

Alex Becker – one of the more unique personalities online, and one of the most successful. His SEO strategies are at the top of the game, and he shares fantastic content (often through video training with some comic relief) on a regular basis. And yes, he pitches higher end products, but never hides the fact. I’ve been on several of his pitch webinars and come out of them with so much valuable info without having to buy a single thing.

Ken Spano aka “Kenster” – runs a very popular FB group for internet marketers, and is regularly providing quality content. Launches slightly bigger ticket training programs but not that often, and when he does the content is top notch. Great insight into the latest trends in IM.

Email Marketers


Ben Settle – you’ll either love this guy or hate him, and that’s just how he wants it. But being on his list is an education in email marketing. Some of the more unique and shocking subject lines and topics I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

Declan O’Flaherty – another super-opinionated email marketer, he’s got some seriously cutting edge thoughts on IM in general which he shares frequently. An absolute blast to be on his list and I’ve learned a lot from him.

Michael Cheney – some of the more creative subject lines I’ve ever read come from Michael. He’s also pretty opinionated, and promotes with pretty much every email but makes no bones about it. However he puts together quality bonuses packages that are highly relevant to each product he promotes, and that means he’s bringing the value with each message.

Product Creators


Alex Jeffreys – sure the guy is a rockstar but when you dig into his products, they are literally bursting with value. Video, audio, PDF, resource lists, templates and relevant bonuses all over the place. You’d be hard-pressed to find another vendor that packs so much into a product that sells for less than 10 bucks.

Sean Donahoe – this software guru tackles big projects and makes great solutions available to everyday marketers. His stuff is tested at every turn BEFORE he releases, and his customer service is excellent.

Chris Cole – although not yet a household name, I’d be surprised if it isn’t within a short time. Chris decided early on to focus on video marketing and his products consistently deliver what’s advertised on the tin each and every time. He remains ahead of the curve when it comes to traffic through video marketing and presents everything in a straight forward, easy to absorb style.

Product Reviewers

product review

Brett Rutecky – Brett calls it like he sees it and is as comfortable tearing a new product to shreds as he is recommending it. I think that’s why he’s built such a loyal following in a relatively short time. As a software developer himself, he knows what to look for and thoroughly tests any product he chooses to review. Nothing but respect for this guy and he shares massive value with his audience.

Mike From Maine – Mike only posts reviews of products he’s personally chosen to promote, so he’s always got a positive spin on them. But that means he’s chosen NOT to promote countless other products that didn’t meet his expectations. He brings the value by being one of very few marketers who does an in depth interview with product creators. In these interviews he asks ALL the tough questions so prospective purchasers can make well informed decisions.

If you’re wondering WHY I would share a list of marketers other than myself or The Rebels for you to follow, the answer is simple. Everyone needs more than one source of inspiration and knowledge. Some marketers just “click” better for certain people. And at the end of the day, The IM Rebels want to see you succeed.

Whether that’s by gaining knowledge directly from us or elsewhere, your success is our goal. And if we can point you in the direction of someone that really helps you out, well damn, that would just make us feel like a million bucks!

Should YOU be on this list? Let us know! And if there’s someone you follow that I haven’t included, let us know who and why on the IM Rebels Facebook page.

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