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YouTube Marketing and Pixel Retargeting Masterclass - The IM Rebels

YouTube Marketing and Pixel Retargeting Masterclass


The biggest dog in video is YouTube, without question. Sure, FB is in the game but YT and its big brother Google are playing to win.

What does this mean for you? It’s super cheap to advertise, build audiences and cash in with YT right now.

Discover a simple yet powerful pixel based retargeting method for YouTube to advertise to website visitors and turn them into paying customers.

We will show you how to create killer content, create remarketing audience lists in YouTube and then follow up using simple and effective ads on YouTube and the Google Display network.

What you’ll be able to do after taking this course…

==> Set up a well optimized YouTube channel that will grow your organic and pixel based audience.

==> Create simple and effective videos using other people’s content.

==> Post engaging content that will build your audience and increase conversions and traffic to your websites and products.

==> Optimize your videos to rank high in search engines and within YouTube for effortless free traffic

==> Create retargeting audiences in YouTube and create your first set of YouTube ads.

==> Run remarketing ads to turn warm traffic into buyers at a positive ROI.

==> Re-engage your audience on the Google Display Network for long term sales & profits

We use this pixel retargeting strategy for our own channels and clients including international NGOs and Fortune 500 companies. This used to be a well kept secret of large brands and full time marketers but now you can cut through the confusion and use it for your sites and products.

Maybe you’re on the fence, and we get that. Check out what current students have to say about our courses:

This team produces super solid information on topics marketers need to know. I have bought other courses from them and I find it’s always over-delivered top notch learning on the inside.LearningSilo

Brian, Mark and Shane are excellent instructors and the course is all in as far as content goes so I highly recommend it. – Fred Ferguson

To the point instruction. Like the short videos… easy to absorb… very good download and resources section – Niclas Danielson

Retargeting YouTube Viewers And Turning Them Into Buyers Doesn’t Have To Be HARD Or A MYSTERY Anymore!

We walk you through every step of the method from the top types of video content to use and the ads to run to convert cold traffic into warm, warm traffic into HOT and how to profit at each step.

Why YouTube Retargeting?

This is a method that large marketers and brands have used for years and now it’s time for you to implement in your business. You create multiple audience lists based on behavior on your channel and videos. You can then serve custom ads to these people.

No more advertising to COLD audiences or stabbing in the dark with your paid ads!

Serving ads using pixel retargeting drives your ad spend down while increasing your conversions! If you have just $5 a day to spend on paid advertising, you can start seeing daily sales in your funnels and products.

YouTube Retargeting: Explosive Growth

This platform is growing daily! Don’t miss out and get in early while you can advertise to your audience cheaply and with very high ROI. This allows for multiple engagements that will increase your brand awareness, allow you to continually offer value and then be front of mind when time to subscribe or buy from you.

What Makes This Course Unique?

We  have just put together a step-by-step training on how to cash in with the video craze to sell more of anything to anyone.

And you don’t need to ever create your own video content!

You should know that Brian is a paid traffic master who sells his video marketing services to international companies.

Shane and Mark know a lot about converting prospects to buyers, and it’s all laid out inside.

Step by step to video profits and insane ROI. Start seeing real results with an ad budget of just 5 bucks.

Grab the complete course here on 50% discount. Limited time!

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