Part 1: 40 Simple Hacks For Creating Content People Love To Read

creating blog content

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, you always have one goal: keep your readers reading. And now you too can hook and engage your readers using these 40 hacks for creating content that people really love. Check them out… 1. Offer Tips Instructional content is great. But what’s even better is when you…

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F*#n Black Friday and BA HUMBUG To Online Deals


Great, another Black Friday upon us. Another time for online retailers and digital marketers to offer products and services at WAY BELOW cost. Great for you, sucks for us. But thanks to Amazon and the big box retailers, it’s not like we have a choice, right? We gotta offer SOMETHING INCREDIBLE for next to nothing,…

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20 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Post Content

ways to repurpose blog post content

Have you been running a blog for some time? Then you have a lot of content. And the good news is, you can re-purpose and reuse this blog post content to quickly create additional content to sell, build your list and generate leads. This goes for PLR (private label rights) material also that we all…

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7 Ways To Get More Email Subscribers Fast

get more subscribers fast

Get Fast and Effective Methods To Increase Your Email Subscribers Opt-In Rate! One of the biggest assets you’ll ever build is your email marketing mailing list. In fact, many an online marketer finds that their business really takes off once they start building a list. That’s because once you have a list, you can make money…

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10 Ways To Create Your Next Information Products Faster

Create Infoproducts faster

If you have a business selling information products, then you need to create a lot of products. This includes lead magnets, tripwires, main offers, upsells, backend products and more. Whew, sounds like stocking a sales funnel could take a long time! That’s true, it can. And that’s why you’ll want to check out these 10…

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