Amazon Kindle Email List Building In ANY Niche

Amazon Kindle List Building Email Marketing

We want YOU to learn our EVERGREEN method to drive subscribers daily to our email lists. Are you struggling to make money from your email marketing? Are people not subscribing to your email lists? Are you having trouble getting enough traffic to make it all worth while? We’ve been there before and it kinda sucks! That’s…

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How to Create FB Audiences From Videos and Why You Should Do It

facebook video ads

Not long ago, Facebook released some new Ads features which are VERY awesome for marketers. Now, you can create custom audiences from ANY video!  All you have to do is select which videos you want the audience to be created from, and then FB will create an audience for you from all the people who…

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How To Create Effective Titles and Headlines

Writing Headlines and Titles

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your content is through a creative and well-written headlines and titles. In fact, it’s estimated that 84% of readers never even make it past your headline. Thus, internet marketers need to aim for persuasive headlines in order to increase click-throughs and keep audiences on their content.…

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

email marketing

4400% – that’s the ROI email marketing delivers to businesses on average. For every dollar they put in, they get $44 out. So what’s all this talk lately about email marketing dying? If you check out relevant forums and FB groups, seems that’s what everyone’s talking about these days. “My open rates are shrinking” “My…

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Video Marketing: 4 Insane (But True) Facts

video marketing

Video marketing is WAY more than a cultural shift. It’s quite simply become THE way people interact online. Consider these 4 incredible facts about video marketing: #1 – The Market => over 4 billion videos are viewed PER DAY on YouTube => over 8 billion videos are viewed daily on FB According to YouTube, mobile…

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