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3 eCommerce Myths And Why YOU Should Care! - The IM Rebels

3 eCommerce Myths And Why YOU Should Care!

Look – eCommerce is huge, we get it. Like a trillion dollar market, double digit yearly growth, blah blah blah.

Funny thing though, most people don’t even know what it is!

Myth #1 – eCommerce is about selling physical products online.

eCommerce is NOT just about selling physical products online. It’s actually defined as “the buying and selling of goods and services online”. That’s ANY type of product or service, capiche?

From a bar of soap to a PDF course, if it’s bought or sold online, it’s eCommerce.

Myth #2 – eCommerce is for everybody.

Just because the industry has a sexy name like ‘eCom’ slapped on it, doesn’t mean it’s for you. To profit, you’ve got to either have a product to sell, or be an affiliate for a product creator. Classic examples are people that promote Amazon products. If you’re not interested in selling, eCom is NOT for you.

Not for everyone. But hot damn, the market really is explosive.

Myth #3 – You’ve got to spend money to make money

Here’s the deal. Almost daily there are courses being crammed down your throat on how to set up an eComm store.

Most advise going with a paid platform. Shopify is really big right now … so a lot of courses show you how to use it.

And no store is complete without traffic, and Facebook ads seem to be the method of choice right now.

All this is fine, if … and this is one seriously big f’n IF … you have money to burn, a big budget, and can wait months for a return on your investment.

Because if you use a paid store platform and rely on paid ads for traffic, you’re going to be digging DEEP into your pockets before you make back your investment. If you ever do, that is. Lots of competition out there, let’s not kid ourselves.

How about some good news for everyday marketers like you and me? You DON’T need to pay hundreds in monthly fees to ‘host’ an eComm store to cash in with the online buying revolution.

You DON’T even need to pay for ads because there are TONNES of free ways to drive traffic when you start out. Sure, ads are great … when you’re ready to scale … but we’d NEVER recommend them to start.

You already know where the traffic is, don’t ya? It’s on Facebook. So how about simply setting up an eComm store on a FREE Facebook page and taking full advantage of all the viral traffic you can get your hands on?

No muss, no fuss, no hundreds of wasted dollars in monthly fees.

eCommerce is gonna make a LOT of people rich. We don’t know just how rich you want to get, or how much effort you want to put in. Maybe you just want a few extra hundred a month to pay some bills?

If that’s YOUR angle, we’d strongly advise AGAINST any courses suggesting setting up stores on paid platforms and using paid traffic. Ain’t gonna get you the results you want.

If you want a simple, ZERO cost solution to cashing in with eComm, we simply suggest creating a store inside a free Facebook page.

And this course is going to show you exactly how to do it – for less than the cost of a burger and fries.

Wanna be a millionaire? Awesome – go invest hundreds in eComm courses that’ll take you months to set up and thousands of dollars to get rolling.

Want a few extra hundred each week or month? Check this out to see if eComm’s for you, WITHOUT the financial risks or headaches.

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