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3 Step SHORTCUT To Real Online Income

3 Step SHORTCUT To Real Online Income

You’ve likely heard some of this before. But it’s just so important, it bears repeating.

STEP 1: Build your list by creating products. Yes, you’ve heard this dozens of times. Why? Because it works. By far the fastest, easiest way for someone brand new online to build a profitable list.

Fact: creating a product is no harder than writing an essay or doing a project for a 9th grade social studies class. So provided you’re over 16, you’ve done this. Do it again. For profit.

Need help? Get a product or coaching. Ours or someone else’s. Choose someone you’re comfortable with. Accept the fact you’ll have to do some actual work. Again – no harder than a 9th grade project.

Once you’ve gotten into product creation, so many options open up it’s not even funny. Create more. Build a membership site, charge a monthly fee. Launch on other platforms. Ridiculously easy to do.

For now, one product. One solution. Just get it done.

STEP 2: Study and ADOPT the principles of solid email marketing. I speak from personal experience. I burned out too many lists that I’d built in the early days, simply because I didn’t have these techniques in my arsenal.

The cool part? Good email marketing does 2 things. Sure, it makes you money: nice! But secondly, it provides ongoing value to your subscribers. Meaning, you treat people the way you’d like to be treated. Cool added benefit. Value and profits all in one? Go figure. But you’ve GOT to take the time to learn this skill.

Don’t overthink it, but do study it. Amazing the difference in long term profit potential when you take the time to dive into this area.

STEP 3: Decide EARLY in your online career that you’re going to make learning copywriting an ongoing project. When you can put words together that convince people to take a desired action, the world literally becomes your oyster. Don’t take my word for it. Consider this quote, from Mike Lantz, founder of Warrior Plus:

“Copywriting – the most vital skill you can learn. Arm yourself with the power to move people with words and you’ll need little else to make money anytime and anywhere you choose.”

That’s right: the most vital skill you can learn. Whether you’re writing an email, an ad, creating a product or just putting together a blog post, words matter. Get good at them.

So, can you focus on just 3 things? Build a list with product creation. Practice solid email marketing. Continuously learn more about copywriting.

Because that’s all it takes. Seriously.

STEP 4 (I know, I said just 3 steps…) STOP CHASING SHINY BUTTONS. That doesn’t really count as a step because you already know this. Right?

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