How Dating Can Make You A Better Copywriter

tips for headlines

Seriously? Am I ACTUALLY encouraging you to date? Damn right I am! Even if you’re married, take your spouse out on a date. Not only will it do wonders for your relationship, it just might teach you a few things about creating amazing sales copy. How, you might ask? First impressions. You remember your first…

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IS There A Moral High Ground With Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

Let’s not kid around. We’re ALL on lists where we get bombarded with affiliate marketing promotion after promotion on a daily basis from internet marketers. Where’s the line in the sand? What “standards” does an affiliate marketer adhere to when deciding what makes him or her decide to promote a certain product? The answer to…

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Ever Written A Report In High School?

Product Creation

Because if so, you have what it takes to be a product creator. End of the day, creating an info product is no harder than putting together any report, presentation or project you ever did in high school. Where people get hung up is the fact that they’ll be selling the thing. That’s when self…

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The Online Profit Formula

make profit online

When it comes to making profit online, 95% of people focus on traffic. What are the top 5% of earners focusing on? Conversions. Because traffic is EASY. There, I said it. You can either pay for it or work for it, but either way, traffic is easy. Sales and PROFITS come when traffic converts into…

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Tips From A Lean, Mean, Copywriting Machine

effective copywriting

Well doesn’t that sound like I’m tooting my own horn, right? Honestly, I’m not that lean. And definitely not mean. But compared to the pudgy, fumbling-for-words guy that struggled with the copy for his first ever products a few months back, I like to think I’ve come a long way. Why should YOU be concerned…

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