Simple Ways To Crank Out Blog Posts On Demand

Kinds of blog posts to write

10 Kinds Of Blog Posts You Can Create In Just 10 Minutes No matter what kind of business you run online, there’s a good chance you have a blog. And if you have a blog, then you need a lot of content. But here’s the problem… It takes a lot of time to create that content.…

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How to Curate Effectively

The rise of social media has lead to improvements in digital tracking to better understand the customer journey and purchase path. We can now see that customers interact with brands multiple times on a variety of platforms before making their final decision. This means marketers need to prepare to meet customers where they are and…

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How To Create Effective Titles and Headlines

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your content is through a creative and well-written headlines and titles. In fact, it’s estimated that 84% of readers never even make it past your headline. Thus, internet marketers need to aim for persuasive headlines in order to increase click-throughs and keep audiences on their content.…

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7 UNIQUE Places To Get Great Headline Ideas

7 ways to get headline ideas

And these headlines make GREAT email subject lines as well… A great headline is essential to your marketing and advertising success. Practically 90% of sales page viewers decide based on headline alone if they’ll keep reading. In a world of email onslaughts, your subject lines need to stand out to get noticed. Social media posts, ads…

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Three Email Marketing Templates That Get Results

Email Templates That Get Results

Today I’m going to give you three email marketing templates that you can use over and over again to base your emails around. Once you get the hang of these 3, you will have no problem adding your own templates as you move forwards. Yesterday we reviewed How To Write Email Messages That Get Results and these are great to…

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