Find Marketers Whose Products Complement Your Own

affiliate competition

Don’t think of other marketers with similar products as competition – think of them instead as a type of partners. Competition is good because it creates excitement about the product. Competition also lets us know sales potential when researching new training’s to develop. If we see multiple marketers in the same niche, we know there is…

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3 Step SHORTCUT To Real Online Income

online income

You’ve likely heard some of this before. But it’s just so important, it bears repeating. STEP 1: Build your list by creating products. Yes, you’ve heard this dozens of times. Why? Because it works. By far the fastest, easiest way for someone brand new online to build a profitable list. Fact: creating a product is…

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Gee Whizz Mr. Marketer, Your BS REALLY Stinks

email marketing

If you’re anything like me, you get dozens of marketing emails daily. Fair enough. Many from people you know. Heck, maybe you’ve even bought a product from some of them, so it’s obvious why you’re on their list. But in many cases, you’re getting hammered with promos from people you’ve never even heard of. Can’t…

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Lessons From Nike … A BILLION Dollar Company

online success

Just do it. One simple, beautifully crafted slogan. So powerful. So many ways to interpret. Often the wrong way (easy Tiger…) 3 little words. Just. Do. It. And that in itself is about the ONLY thing standing between you and your online success. Doesn’t much matter to us WHAT you’re doing, unless of course you’ve…

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How To Get Paid EVERY DAY Online

get paid online

In this world of distractions and “busy work”, it’s amazing anyone gets anything done anymore. Especially those of us that are self-employed. But with a couple of tricks, it IS possible to get paid each and every day online, provided you’re willing to stick to a loose plan. On this particularly sunny and GORGEOUS August…

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