Short Term Vs Long Term Marketing

long term marketing

I have what I believe are some unique views about online sales generation. First what I see about others – then my own unique and possibly crazy views. You decide. So…what I seen “them” doing – Creating products. Then looking for people who need those kinds of products and trying to sell those products to them. Harmless looking,…

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Conversion Boosting Sales Copy 101

Want to REALLY crank up your conversions? There are some easy ways to do it, all it takes is a bit of practice. Best part is this doesn’t cost a dime, just needs a bit of your time. You see, it’s easy to critique sales copy in all forms: sales pages, emails, review site posts.…

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Psychology of Profitable Marketing

profitable marketing

Here’s the thing… There are many ways to market out there. Some people say write a perfect sales letter, hit all the pain points, and people will buy. I’ve bought from sales letters like that before. You probably have too. And when you wake up the next morning… you have a little regret. Because the product wasn’t…

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How to Become Niche Expert Fast!

niche expert

I want to show you how easy it is to become a niche expert fast! So…you’ve chosen your niche. What do you do next? First – why do you need to be positioned as an expert? Here’s why – Likely in your niche there are hundreds if not thousands of people just like you who want to…

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Awesome Product Ideas Made Simple

product ideas

In this quick clip, we’re revealing our secret tips for finding GREAT product ideas that sell. In niches with hungry buyers, with very specific problems. Makes product creation an absolute breeze and gives you the best possible chance at having amazing results when you launch. Enjoy! To learn our complete system for creating in-demand products that…

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