Email Marketing…Follow up…Follow up…

Today I’m going to discuss a key factor in making the most profits possible from your email marketing list.

Following up with a customer is simply contacting them after the initial point of contact to make them a customer that purchases again and again.

This is a marketing tactic that people have been using for over 100 years to make more sales.

The fact is, following up with your potential customers will bring more of them back to your offer and many will buy from you multiple times after their first purchase.

Why is this?

Studies have shown that 7 to 12 exposures to your product, service or offer is needed for the majority of people to buy the first time.

Once a person has become your customer and made a  first purchase is even easier to get them to purchase  again and again in the future. That’s why we are such big advocates of building a buyer list as soon as possible. The value is much higher than a freebie list.

Ask any full time marketer and most will tell you their number one regret is not starting a buyers list sooner. I know that is true for me. I wasted thousands of dollars and years chasing everything and anything when I should have been focused on what got me full time. A buyers list!

One of the best ways to get your customers buying from  you again and again is to know exactly what they want.

Once you know what your customers want the best way to  get them to love you and want to spend money with you  is to write to them just like you would speak to them  if you are sitting next to them on the couch.

Tell them who you are and how you can help make their  life easier, and then make sure to close all of your  contact with them with a personal message from you that  comes from your heart.

Letting your customers know that your real person with  little problems just like them will help them relate  to you as a friend when it comes to taking your advice  on purchasing products that can help them.

If something has helped you out, share it. Bought a product and loved it? Share it.

Remember, you are only as good as your last email so treat your subscribers like family and follow up and the email marketing breakthroughs will happen.

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