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Email Marketing: To Swipe Or Not To Swipe - The IM Rebels

Email Marketing: To Swipe Or Not To Swipe

Email Marketing: To Swipe Or Not To Swipe

Easy Ways To Use DFY Emails To YOUR Advantage

Email marketing taboos, we’ve all seen them. Dozens of emails in our inbox with the exact same subject line, from multiple different marketers. Open them up and guess what? Exact same copy inside as well, word for word.

These marketers are using email swipes, provided by product vendors as marketing tools to help promote their products.

Now swipes aren’t a bad thing, IF they’re used correctly. Heck we offer DFY emails as part of our membership site. Most vendors rely on email writing experts to craft engaging promotional emails designed to get opened and clicked.

The problem is when people use them word for word. Why?

First, it’s impossible to sound natural to your subscribers when you’re using someone else’s words. Second, as soon as a few marketers use the exact same emails, nobody stands out in the inbox anymore.

And with email marketing, to be successful emails need to get opened and actioned.

Here’s a great article from the folks at Digital Marketer that actually shares some of their top converting emails.

How do you maximize your email results? You could simply write your own unique emails when promoting products. This will involve some pretty solid research of the product and sales materials, and a bit of time to put the message together.
(Obviously when you’re promoting something you’ll already have done the product research, so we shouldn’t even count that)…

But coming up with a compelling message takes certain skills and definitely some time. So let’s discuss option 2:

A little mixing and matching, copying and pasting of elements from different email swipes the vendor provides. This way you get a unique message that is different from all the others, and it just takes a few seconds to put together.

Check out the following brief video where I walk you through the process:

I think of this method a bit like content curation. It’s most effective when we put our own twist on it. With emails that can be as simple as our own intro and sign off.

The goal is always to have a unique message with enough of our own personality that our subscribers recognize our voice.

For more solid tips on email marketing, check out this earlier post.


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