Keyword Shitter Exposes Long Tail Keywords

Look there are dozens of ways of doing long tail keyword research. I tend to focus more on that versus main root keywords since I don’t want to waste time or effort with SEO and would rather pick of dozens of long tail keywords where I face little to no competition.

Previously we’ve talked about multiple ways to plan a keyword strategy but it takes some time and you have to research multiple platforms to get a comprehensive list.  The other day I was kicking around and found Keyword Shitter.

keyword shitter review

Besides having an awesome name and being absolutely free with no opt-in or anything, it dumps or I guess ‘shits’ out hundred to thousands of long tail keywords. I am building an new authority blog in the “Diet Plans” niche and wanted as many variations as I could get to outsource article creation.

The tool did not disappoint. I just entered my seed keyword “Diet Plans” and out came 3717 long tail keyword variations all with the root keyword present.

keyword shitter keyword reviews

Now obviously I won’t be able to use them all but I am choosing about 5 keywords for each article and outsourcing on iWriter for $3 a piece for 400-500 word articles to build up supporting content that all link to my main keyword articles that are each over 2,500 words on the homepage.


I did a pay per click marketing case study yesterday and can see myself using this tool also to generate massive keywords lists in no time and then uploading directly into Bing. I hate doing the tedious aspects of IM like KW research so this tool is bookmarked and I know i’ll be using Keyword Shitter again. Let me know in the comments how the tool works out for you!

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