How To Research Your Email Marketing Audience

Email Marketing Audience

Imagine for a moment if you built an email marketing list of people who were Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts. But then you send off emails promoting quilting patterns and cupcake recipes. How well do you think you’d do? Yeah, that’s right – you’d probably get a whole bunch of people unsubscribing. Most would stop reading…

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How To Make Professional Online Sales Funnels

Make Sales Funnels

Top companies use online marketing funnels to maximize profits every single day. But very few online marketers completely understand sales funnels, or use the same methods effectively to drive long term sales. Optimized funnels are your SHORTCUT to automated profits and higher ROI! Great funnels build your list WHILE turning prospects into REPEAT buyers Converting leads…

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[Infographic] The Importance of Customer Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analytics

How much do you know about behavioral analysis? This aspect of content marketing uses data analysis to build a complete picture of the motivations and responses of your audience. Having an audience portrait helps you identify your potential customers and create compelling content so you can meet your marketing goals. The behavioral analysis process probes…

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How To Use Retargeting For Higher Conversions and ROI

how to do retargeting

Retargeting is all the rage right now, especially since so many ad platforms make it possible. But a lot of people scratch their heads and ask, “Just what is retargeting, anyway?” You can get the answer to that question and how retargeting benefits you by checking out the retargeting FAQ below… What is Retargeting? Ever…

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[Checklist] Setting Up a Lead Page or Opt In Page

lead pages

Setting up a lead page requires you to piece together several components, including the lead page design, the ad copy, the autoresponder and a lead magnet. You can use this checklist to get your lead page up and running the right way… Choosing a Lead Magnet (AKA the Freebie) Is your lead magnet highly desirable?…

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