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Product Creation Done ... BACKWARDS?

Product Creation Done … BACKWARDS?

Not long ago I shared a post about reverse engineering the whole process of product creation. In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

Long story short: some of the most successful global brands AND yes, even internet marketers, go about creating products COMPLETELY opposite to the way most others do.

They don’t even THINK about creating a product until they’ve done thorough market research and determined what people need and want to buy.

“Sure Mark, but every product creation course teaches that”, you might be saying. Well, maybe. But to what extent? How much research is enough?

So what sets these uber successful product creators apart? They don’t just stop at market research. Nope, they create AN ENTIRE MARKETING PLAN before they even get started on the product itself.

Again, the reasons for this were discussed in the original post. But suffice it to say: Yellow Tail. One of the world’s MOST SUCCESSFUL WINE BRANDS, was born in a marketing boardroom before a single grape was grown. And this is the method they follow.

So my little case study uses me as the guinea pig. One product, done in reverse. Here’s a quick video showing you latest progress of this case study. You’ll get a sneak peek at the sales copy and even a glimpse at the product outline itself.

Will this work? Too soon to tell, but with the product scheduled to launch in under 3 weeks, we’ll all find out soon enough…


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