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Profitable Funnels Without Rocket Science - The IM Rebels

Profitable Funnels Without Rocket Science

In Part One, “Three Simple Steps To Profitable Funnels,” Mark shared how easy it can be to guarantee yourself higher margins and profits by simple offering more products for sale.

Create your own, unique front end product
2) Find highly relevant white label products (1-3) that you can sell for 100% profit
3) Rebrand these products as your own and insert into your funnel

In Part Two, “It’s A Funnel, Not Rocket Science!” I dove in a little deeper into automating your traffic, emails, subscriber flow and scaling your product funnel. We reviewed five steps reviewing how we set up our IM Rebels funnels and the process we use in a few other niches.

Step 1: Upsell/Tripwire/One Time Offer (OTO)
Step 2:
Landing Page/Opt-In Page/Freebie
Step 3:
Email Automation
Step 4:
Traffic Automation
Step 5:
Adding More Products

The key takeaway in both of those posts was the key to building a list of subscribers that stay on your list longer, have a higher lifetime value and allows you to continually sell at higher prices is having your OWN products to offer your subscribers.

Creating simple PDF products that sell under $10 isn’t terribly hard after you get a few under your belt. From our own experience and our students is it can take a solid 3-5 products before you get the ‘hang’ of creating well-thought out and complete PDF training’s.  It can also take weeks! And we aren’t talking about some 100 page PDF with videos here. Just your standard, everyday “One Problem, One Solution” 25 page ebook that sells for seven bucks.

Where we see the next sticking point that many never breakthrough is going from $7.00 PDFs to the $27-37-47 level. You’ve seen the math before but it’s worth repeating now…

$100/ day = 14.2 product sales at $7.00

$100/ day = 10.03 product sales at $9.97

$100/ day = 3.7 product sales at $27.00

$100/ day = 2.7 product sales at $37.00

$100/ day = 2.13 product sales at $47.00

Look at the above numbers. You’d have to sell 14 PDFs at $7 to get to $100 a day while you could sell 3 products at $37 to get to 100 a day. The math doesn’t lie, you’ll make more money from your funnel even with lower conversions selling at higher prices.

Now obviously you are going to set your product funnel up correctly and have scaled products that your list get’s introduced to through automation like we talked about yesterday. Subscriber opts-in to receive your freebie and then is sent email promotions for your $7 PDF. When they buy they move to a buyer list and are promoted higher priced products $27-37-47. If they buy again, you can move them to another list that promotes $97++ training’s, coaching and/or software of your own.

Like mentioned before creating these low-mid level ticket products is where most can’t make the jump. You want something related to your $7 offer to improve conversions but what if that is in-depth as you could go. You’ve taught what you can teach on that niche problem and no more? Good question and it has happened to us also. As mentioned by Mark in Part 1, White Label Software can easily fill this hole in your product funnel.

When we look at white label software to add into our funnels, we look for a few things:

1) Will we use the software in our own online business?
2) Does it come with sales pages, sales plan, support and updates?
3) Will our subscribers benefit from the software also?
4) Will we make money selling it; is their an audience?
5) What is track record of the software creator?
6) Can we rebrand with our own software name and logos?

If we can check all of those questions off the list, then we have a winner!

First we will rebrand with our own logo and software name. Hitting up Fiverr this week to get that done on the cheap and quick. Then we are going to use it in our own day to day online businesses, we are going to add it into our email follow ups for buyer’s at the low-mid ticket level, our $27-$37-$47 level and also promote like a new product launch in a couple months and this is something that is put out by a software and product creator we know and have bought his products in the past. Oh and of course, we know that not only when we buy white label software do we make our money back with the first sale but it’s something that is going to put daily PayPal payments into our accounts for no more than a few hours of work one evening.

Yesterday we got our hands on this slick cloud-based video player and started testing it on some blog posts with videos embedded from our YouTube channel. Like this walkthrough video below! Pretty slick to have an computer image vs the un-styled general YouTube embedded player. We love the difference and are going to be updating all of our blog posts that have video embedded and sales pages. It’s called VidInvision and it comes with full white label rights and a ton of sales training so you can use on your own sites and profit from daily by selling it also in your funnels. 

vidinvision bonus

Pretty cool right? To recap, this allows you to build out your product funnel at a higher price point and simply put your money in your pocket. We are going to be right there with you selling and using the software to change up how we present videos on our sites. This is going to help watch time, conversions and overall experience our website visitors have. We wanted to make sure that if you don’t have a $7 product yet that we’d use some white label WP plugins that you can use as $7 products of your own to sell or bundle them up for a higher price point or even use to add a bonus when you sell your rebranded version of VidInvision.

Selling Your OWN Products Is The Easiest Way To Online Freedom!

Get Vid Invision With Our Special White Label WP Plugin Bundle Bonus

Like said before, we want to not only have you sell your own VidInvision software but also have a suite of white label software products you can use to build your list, create daily profits and build authority so we are packaging up 5 more white label software WP plugins that come with sales pages, support material, graphics and the plugin itself.

Just upload and work into your email follow ups for daily profits. Doesn’t get easier than this! After picking up VidInvision your’ll get immediate download to our WP White Label Plugin Software Suite. It will be right inside your JVZoo dashboard waiting for you…

1) 10 Minute Download Pages- Creates protected download pages in minutes for JVZoo product sellers. 

2) WP Social Locker- Unleash viral traffic by installing this lightweight WP plugin. 

3) WP Combo Bar- Instantly create attention grabbing notification bars. 

4) WP EZ Ticketing- Conveniently and efficiently offer a support ticket system to your customers.

5) Turbo Video White Label- Create simple affiliate review videos.

6) WP Ez Rank Checker- Monitor all your site keyword rankings from one dashboard.

You now have a complete suite of products to fill up your funnel. Sell as a bundle, individually, give away to build your list. The choice is yours as long as you commit to making easy profits putting this into action!

Selling Your OWN Products Is The Easiest Way To Online Freedom!

Get Vid Invision With Our Special White Label WP Plugin Bundle Bonus

Forget about hustling to promote $7 products for 75% commissions … Setting up eCommerce stores,
running FB ads and hoping for the best … No CPA, arbitrage or domain flipping either.

Although there is nothing wrong with any of this, we are finally sharing our very own proven seven figure formula that saw a complete newbie go from zero to six figures in 12 short months!

A Premium Software To Have As Your Own: Get your hands on your very own premium software developed and ready for the video market. This is a beautifully designed cloud based app that your customers are going to love!

Full White Label Rights Today: White Label Rights gives you a license that lets you edit, customize and market this product as your own. It even includes marketing and sales materials to make the job even easier!

7 Figure Training And Blueprint: Learn from one of the industries leading names, Sam Bakker, as he shares with you his methods and secrets to building an online sales empire with your fresh new software!

Complete Software Marketing Toolkit: We even supply you with awesome marketing materials such as a sales page, video and more to help you market your software to pull your customers in!

Click Here To Become Your Own Online Success Story!
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