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Sales Copy: Knowing & Understanding Your Target Market - The IM Rebels

Sales Copy: Knowing & Understanding Your Target Market

Knowing and understanding your target market can help you create really compelling sales copy because it helps you market to people who actually need and want your product.

We want to spend our time getting our copy tailored to and in front of their eyeballs; speaking to them on an individual level instead of targeting a broad audience.

These are the steps I take once I have my product completed and am ready to start on my sales copy:

1) Determine What Need My Product Fills

Open up a new doc and start brainstorming who is going to NEED your product. Choose a narrow category for who is most likely to need your product.

  • Mother’s trying to lose weight vs millennials wanting to tone up are very different markets even though both in the weight loss niche.

2) Narrow The Target 

I look at the following targets when determining my potential audience:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Education
  • Pain
  • Goals

As you move through these targets, you’ll arrive at a more focused audience and have an easier time writing your sales copy that will convert.

3)Define The Products Value

This helps me set the price in the marketplace. Answer the following questions:

  • What does the product actually do?
  • What will it help buyers accomplish?
  • Is the problem it solves undeserved?
  • Is the problem it solves urgent?

4) Obtain Audience Data

Use Quantcast.com, Alexa.com and Google Trends to drill into my target audience.

Check out the video training below where I walk through all the steps and perform the audience research using the above sites.

Get to work identifying your target market before writing your sales copy. It will make it much easier when it comes time to write your sales copy.

To get the complete four hour sales copy training course, visit our training page and get IM Rebels only discounts here.

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