The Devil IS In The Details…

Most of us can agree that creating and launching products is about the fastest, most consistent way for anyone to start creating ongoing online success.

Yet most courses on the subject cover the obvious, such as:

=> Coming up with winning product ideas
=> How to create a great product in the least amount of time
=> The ‘basics’ of driving traffic with affiliates

Want to know the REAL SECRETS behind a successful product launch? They have practically NOTHING to do with:

=> The quality of the product
=> The topic of the product itself
=> Or even your reputation….

In fact, time after time, after TIME, the most successful product launches occur as a result of PAYING ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS…

And the details break down as follows:

=> You need to remember that YOUR customer is not the purchaser of your product, but the affiliate who promotes your product
=> As such ANY AND ALL marketing you do should be catered to affiliates
=> Meaning you give your affiliates EVERY SINGLE TOOL AND DETAIL they need to make it brain dead simple for them to promote your product

Let’s back up a second. Imagine this is the first product you’ve ever created. Likely, you’ve done your research (if you’ve been coached properly) and have chosen a high converting niche.

As a first time creator, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ve crammed more value into this product than the gurus do with their biggest and shiniest objects.

So it’s UNDERSTANDABLE that you’re proud as hell about the quality of this product and you want nothing more than to share this pride with the entire world…


stop it

Sharing pride in your product will do nothing to increase sales, although it may pad your ego. No one cares (especially affiliates) how you feel about your product. Traffic comes from AFFILIATES WITH INCENTIVE TO PROMOTE. That’s it, bottom line.


And this comes largely from a JV page with every tool in the box for them. Getting back to the title of this post, the Devil is indeed in the details. So your JV page must include:

=> ACCURATE time of launch (and if it changes, it MUST be updated instantly)
=> Product title, description and 3 or 4 key benefits to end users
=> WHAT’S IN IT FOR THE AFFILIATE: price points, commission structure, any bonuses and or prize pools
=> EMAIL SWIPES AND PROMOTION TOOLS: give your affiliates an easy out by giving them pre-written swipes they can copy and paste OR modify to use in their promotional campaigns

A LOT of JV pages look super flashy, but with a closer look under the hood fail on so many of these points.

There’s a nice shiny tab for “swipes” that points to nowhere.
Launch time has changed, yet the JV page still indicates the outdated launch time.
Boasting of “100% commissions” turns out to be, on closer inspection, merely 100% on the front end and 50% thru the rest of the funnel. THAT’S DIRTY POOL…

And the next step to a successful launch? Realizing that it’s not a one day freaking job. Just because you launch on ‘day x’ doesn’t mean you stop encouraging affiliate promotion after launch day!

IN FACT, many top level affiliates won’t even CONSIDER joining your launch until AFTER day one when they’ve seen a chance to see how well your product is converting and what kind of EPCs they can expect.


Get on FB, into the launch groups, and share the results! Remind affiliates of what’s happening. If you have (as you should, after just one launch) a list of affiliates that have promoted for you in the past, EMAIL them these details.

Affiliates who drive YOU traffic want the incentive to drive you more. Once they know how well your product is converting, what the EPCs are and, in short, what they stand to earn by mailing, they’ll be MUCH MORE INCLINED TO SEND YOU MORE TRAFFIC!

That, in a nutshell, is what it takes to transform an everyday launch into a blockbuster.

In a soon-to-be-released post, I’ll dig deeper into the ESSENTIAL elements of a winning JV page that will give you the best chance of attracting hot affiliate traffic.

In the meantime, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Leave a comment below with your ideas for a JV page.

I’ll include the top 3 suggestions in the next post which will outline IN DETAIL a blueprint for a winning JV page.

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