Two Features In PayPal You Should Be Using

If you are selling your own products, there are two little known features you can use in PayPal to brand and protect your business.

The first is creating a custom header, this is used when selling via PayPal directly and not using a platform like WarriorPlus or JVZoo. The second is an absolute must to help protect against product refunders.

When selling, you obviously want to protect yourself against serial refunders. No matter how good the product there are a small percentage of people who buy products and immediately request refunds. Some will email you and ask for you to initiate the refund. That is what we prefer.

You will get some buyers that initiate the refund with PayPal without talking to you first. This can lock your account and raise your risk profile with PayPal. Having a message on the refund page can help stop these people in their tracks if the know you fight digital refunders.

Mark Hess is one of the top marketers out there. He embodies what we stand for in the IM Rebels. He put this out as a free training to his subscribers and Facebook group and is sharing it here with us also. I sell my products through Infusionsoft, WarriorPlus and JVZoo so couldn’t implement the custom header method he shares BUT did immediately implement the refund message into my PayPal account and it has stopped refund requests without talking to me first from buyers. So it works!

The first feature is the custom header image…

Here’s the one I use for my PayPal account for all things related to the IM/MMO niche:

selling digital products

Although this won’t be displayed if you’re using JVZoo or W+, if you’re creating standard Buy Now buttons or using a service like Digital Product Delivery (, this is good for branding and also getting rid of that standard PayPal look will allow you to stand out.

Notice I use automatic delivery – get instant access, display the buyer protection seal (even though it’s for digital products), and the PayPal verified seal.

Although I have no hard date back this up (I’m not that big of a nut that I’ll split- test this), it can’t hurt putting these types of things in there to make the buyer feel secure.

Here’s how to display a custom header…

The first thing you need to do is create a header/banner image that will be displayed on top of your payment page.

This needs to be 750 x 90 pixels and be in .jpg format.(If you’re not into creating images yourself, just go to Fiverr.)

But again, it MUST be 750 x 90 pixels and be in a .jpg format or else it won’t work.

Next, go over to, (this is a free service and we do this because the image must be on an SSL server to avoid throwing off errors in PayPal) hit the “choose file” button, then, select the header/banner image you created.

Enter your email address in the box provided and click on the upload image button:

digital products

You will receive an email from SSL pic containing the URL of your image:

selling digital products

After logging into your PayPal account click on the “profile” link, then click on “my “selling tools. You will see an option for “Custom payment pages” – “Set up PayPal payment pages to look like my website”, click the “update” link next to the option.

paypal selling

On the next page, click on the “add” button:

selling with paypal

On the next screen, in the box next to “page style name” give your header page a name (this can be anything, it won’t be displayed anywhere, no spaces).

Then you will see a box next to header image URL, this is where you place the url that sent you, and click the “save” button:

paypal details

This will bring you back to the “customize your payment page”.

Click on the option next to the page name you just created and click on the “make primary” button:

paypal selling goods

On the next screen, click on the “make primary” button again:


Then you’re good to go…

The other PayPal feature you should be using is a customer service message that will be displayed before someone files a dispute.

Too many disputes can put your PayPal account in jeopardy and may cause them to put a rolling reserve on your account. Not a good thing…

Many times, if you’re business is legit, it’s simply just a cause of mis- communication. Sometimes people don’t even want a refund they could simply not have received the download and somehow couldn’t get in contact with support.

Emails can easily get lost in the shuffle or the email address your customer provides is no longer valid (bounces back)

So, setting up this message is the last opportunity you have to talk someone out of a dispute and try contacting you again.

Here’s the one I have setup:

paypal dispute message

The most important line in there is: “We challenge all disputes. If you decide to proceed with this dispute, your refund will be delayed by up to 30 days.”

You need to be strong with this message and get them to try contacting you again. To setup your “Customer service message”…

Click on the “profile” link, then, click on “my selling tools” you will see the option

“customer service message”, click on the “update” link:

paypal dispute setup message

On the next screen, this is where you setup your message. The “message headline” will appear at the very top.

“Company logo” is optional, if you would like to use a logo, it must be 190 x 60 pixels and in the .jpg format. Once again, you will go through the process and paste the URL in the box.

You have options on whether or not to display your phone number and/or email address. (always leave email address turned to “on”.

Next, enter your customer service message.

Click on the “preview” button to preview what your customer service message will look like. When you’re happy with it, click on the “save” button.

paypal dispute message insert

Here’s the message I have in text form if you would like to swipe and modify it:

We strive to provide a high level of customer support and always honor our money back guarantee. Sometimes, things happen.

We may have never received your email. All emails are answered in the order they were received so if you sent us an email recently, it may not have been addressed yet.

Spam traps and invalid email address are some of the most common issues we encounter when trying to correspond with our customers.

Please try re-sending your refund or support request and make sure to provide your transaction id.

If you prefer, reach out to me directly on Skype: therealmarkhess

We challenge all disputes. If you decide to proceed with this dispute, your refund will be delayed by up to 30 days.

Mark HessThanks again to Mark Hess for letting us share this ‘must do’ if you are selling digital products using PayPal.  Join Mark’s private Facebook group, “Marketing in Underwear” where he shares more insider tips, methods and strategies to help your internet marketing business. Click Here to Join!

You can also hit Mark up on Skype: therealmarkhess or Contact him here:

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